Air Freight

Thanks to the range of air freight solutions offered by NCL International, you can resolve all your emergencies, reduce inventory, and improve your overall quality of service. Depending on your time constraints, we offer a variety of air freight solutions at a controlled cost. Our guaranteed ‘Blocked Space Agreements’ (BSA) with partner airlines provide both a flexible and reliable service.

So, to save time and avoid additional cost overloads, airlines delivery ULD directly to our warehouse. Utilizing this direct service and our customs services, allows us to efficiently and reliably transport your cargo. Whether you require temperature-controlled shipments, the shipping of regulated commodities or even the need for dense freight, bulky or oversized cargo requiring transfer, we can take care of all your shipping requirements.

As a leader in global air freight market, NCL has accumulated years of industry experience and kept long-term partnerships with major Chinese and int'l airlines, ensuring enough capacity to meet our clients' demands.

Our Expertise

Premium Air Service

Express, priority freight, direct flights, secure booking, transit time: 1 to 2 days from airport to airport.

Guaranteed Air Service

Regular service, offering flexibility, and transport capacity transit time: 3 to 4 days from airport to airport.

Eco Air Service

Regular consolidation service shipments Transit time: < 8 days from airport to airport.

Express Air Service

Urgent freight, hand carry service, AOG Integrated door-to-door service, 24/24, 7/7.

Sea-Air Transport

Combining “sea-air” transport service allows for better transit times while cutting costs.

Customized Air Service

A selection of the best air service to best suit your personal requirements: production plans, time limitations and chartered flights.